Technical Assistance

The Bay Rivers Telehealth Alliance (BRTA) provides technical assistance to member organizations for telehealth equipment and software, ensuring access to the technical expertise needed to operate and troubleshoot telehealth systems effectively.

BRTA provides technical assistance to its members to ensure smooth implementation and effective utilization of telehealth technologies. Here’s how BRTA typically offers technical assistance:

  1. Equipment and software guidance: BRTA assists members in selecting appropriate telehealth equipment and software solutions based on their specific needs and resources. They provide guidance on the technical specifications, compatibility, and reliability of different options available in the market.

  2. Installation and setup support: BRTA offers assistance during the installation and setup process of telehealth equipment and software. They may provide guidance on hardware installation, network configuration, and software integration, ensuring that members have a functional and secure telehealth infrastructure.

  3. Troubleshooting and technical issue resolution: BRTA provides troubleshooting support to address technical issues that members may encounter during telehealth operations. They offer guidance in diagnosing and resolving connectivity issues, audio/video problems, and other technical challenges to ensure uninterrupted telehealth services.

  4. System optimization and workflow integration: BRTA helps members optimize their telehealth systems and integrate them seamlessly into existing workflows. They offer recommendations and best practices on efficient appointment scheduling, patient documentation, and communication processes to streamline telehealth operations.

  5. Training on telehealth technologies: BRTA provides training and education to members on the effective use of telehealth technologies. They offer guidance on using telehealth platforms, conducting virtual consultations, sharing medical records securely, and leveraging additional features and functionalities.

  6. Regular updates and information sharing: BRTA keeps members informed about the latest advancements in telehealth technologies and provides updates on software upgrades, security protocols, and industry standards. They share resources, guidelines, and best practices to ensure members stay updated on emerging trends and developments.

Through these technical assistance services, BRTA supports its members in overcoming technological challenges, optimizing their telehealth systems, and ensuring the seamless delivery of telehealth services to their patients.