Bay Rivers Telehealth Alliance (BRTA) leverages technology to solve real human problems in healthcare. As part of BRTA, member organizations have access to a range of services to support their telehealth programs. 


BRTA provides technical assistance to member organizations for telehealth equipment and software, ensuring access to the technical expertise needed to operate and troubleshoot telehealth systems effectively.

Training &

BRTA offers training and education to healthcare providers on how to use telehealth technologies effectively, ensuring that member organizations have the knowledge and skills needed to provide high-quality telehealth services to their patients.

Grant Resource Development

BRTA provides grant resource development assistance to its members to support their funding efforts, and helps member organizations identify potential grant opportunities that align with their telehealth initiatives and goals.

Policy & Regulation Awareness

BRTA provides educational resources and materials to help members understand and navigate the evolving landscape of telehealth policies and regulations.

Telehealth Project Implementation

BRTA provides telehealth project implementation support to its members to ensure successful adoption and implementation of telehealth initiatives.

Healthcare Provider Network Access

BRTA provides member organizations with access to a network of healthcare providers, enabling them to expand their reach and provide specialty care services to their patients through telehealth.