Members & Partners

BRTA partners with various organizations and institutions to support the delivery of telehealth services throughout BRTA's service area. 

Our Partners

Alzheimer’s Association Great Richmond Chapter 

Bay Transit

Bon Secours Rappahannock General Hospital

Colonial Beach Public Schools

Eastern Shore Community College

Eastern Shore Regional Jail

Eastern Shore Rural Health Services Inc.

Essex County EMS

HCA Capital Division

Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office

Martha W. Goodson Center (formerly Riverside Center for Excellence in Aging & Lifelong Health (CEALH) 

Mathews County Sheriff’s Office

Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center

Middle Peninsula Regional Security Center

Middlesex Department of Social Services

Northampton County Sheriff’s Office

Northampton County EMS

Northumberland County Department of Social Services

Northumberland County Public Schools

Peninsulas EMS Council

While specific partners may vary based on the needs and priorities of BRTA and its members, potential partners may include:

Healthcare Systems

BRTA may partner with local hospitals and health systems to integrate telehealth services into their existing healthcare infrastructure. This collaboration allows for the expansion of telehealth capabilities and the seamless coordination of care between different healthcare settings.

Universities and Research Institutions

BRTA may collaborate with universities and research institutions to explore innovative telehealth solutions, conduct research studies, and develop evidence-based practices in the field of telehealth.

Government Agencies

BRTA may partner with local and state government agencies, such as health departments and Medicaid offices, to align telehealth initiatives with government policies and regulations. This collaboration helps in advocating for favorable telehealth policies and securing funding opportunities.

Telecommunication Companies

BRTA may form partnerships with telecommunication companies and technology providers to access cutting-edge telehealth technologies, ensure reliable connectivity, and leverage advanced communication platforms for telehealth services.

Community Organizations

BRTA may collaborate with community-based organizations, non-profits, and advocacy groups to ensure equitable access to telehealth services for underserved populations. This partnership helps address barriers such as lack of internet access, language barriers, and transportation challenges.